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Tips for a Productive Team Business Away Day

Is your team in need of an injection of energy? Whilst your first thought for a brainstorming or strategy meeting might be the office, it is rarely conducive to creativity & innovation. Perhaps an away day might be the solution.Perhaps an away day might be the solution.

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Our tips for a useful & productive event

  • Have a clear objective for the event. What outcomes do you want to achieve? How will you know if it’s successful?
  • Let everyone know the purpose of the event. Don’t leave everyone wondering what to expect. Instead, be clear ahead of time what it is about, & whether they need to do any preparation.
  • Timing – a whole day could be difficult to fit into everyone’s diary. A half day might be more effective, & you could combine it with a sociable brunch, lunch or drinks.
  • Create an agenda that is not too crowded & flexible enough to allow for some social time too.
  • Include some activities that require people to work together as a team. Whether it’s tackling a specific business challenge, or building a spaghetti tower, getting people to work together helps build connections that can enhance working relationships once you get back to the normal workday.
  • Make time for proper breaks that allow people to chat. Having drinks or time to chill out together is a great way to bond on a whole other level.
  • Consider inviting a speaker or external facilitator to provide an extra dimension & a fresh perspective.
  • Follow up: Make a plan to keep the energy & momentum going. It’s important to come out of the day with a list of actions & outputs as well as ways to measure success
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