Brainstorming the non-digital way - still a great way to generate creative ideas & solutions?

Running a creative business brainstorm in-person can be an enjoyable & rewarding exercise, as well as being a break from the usual routine. While digital tools have become increasingly popular, there's something irreplaceable about just getting back to basics with whiteboards, flip charts, & books to spark innovation. 

  • Set the stage for creativity - Choose an environment that inspires free thinking & collaboration. If the surroundings are right, the creative juices will start to flow.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of space – encourage everyone to move around, dip into different resources, change the viewpoint.
  • Outline the objectives for the session - what are you hoping to achieve?
  • Use whiteboards to visualise ideas & stimulate interaction. Jot down prompts & use the whiteboard to capture & organise ideas as they emerge.
  • Have fun with different colours, shapes, & diagrams for clarity & creativity.
  • Flip charts can be especially useful for smaller breakout sessions or group activities. Give each group a flip chart & get them to brainstorm independently before sharing the findings.
  • Use books as a source of inspiration & reference - encouraging team members to look at a variety of different sources for ideas.
  • No idea is a bad idea! All contributions are valuable, & the most outlandish ideas can be the starting point for innovative solutions. Build upon each other's ideas.
  • Use techniques such as mind mapping, role-playing, or improvisation to stimulate creativity & keep the energy flowing.
  • Capture the key insights & action points, taking on board any remaining ideas or reflections 
  • Why not photograph creative work as a useful reference later on?
  • A creative brainstorm can be a highly effective way to generate innovative ideas & solutions. A change from the usual routine can also strengthen relationships through collaboration & a shared sense of purpose.

Give it a go – you might be surprised by the results!

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